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It is a very exciting idea to bet on the UK49s lotto, however, if you go with the wrong platform it may be very annoying.

There are many bookmakers in the UK that are providing 49s odds and book-making services for the betting game. But it is a little bit difficult for you to choose the right platform for betting games. Luckily, we have made it very easy for you.

After checking different bookmakers and their bookmaking services and good reviews by other users, we have made a list of the top best bookmakers in the UK that are the best of the best.

In this post, we have placed the top 7 best 49s bookmakers that is providing best 49s odds, multiple attractive features, good customer support, and accept verities of payment method.


Welcome to the Betfred Review, Betfred is rank at number one when it comes to the betting on 49s lottery. It provides you best odds of betting in eleven lotteries. It is providing betting services for 50 years in online gaming.

Betfred is licensed and regulated by the prestigious regulators of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Licensing Authority. Another important thing about Betfred, it has more than 1300 bookmakers in the united kingdom and also in other European countries.

Betfred has a nicely made website and also has an app for android and IOS devices. Betfred also provides a welcome bonus to the new qualifying players (you can check the detail below in the table). It also offers verities of payment method.

If you want to bet on 49s odds, Betfred bookmaker is the best option for you because of its user-friendly procedure and excellent 49s lotto betting services online but doesn’t offer in the UK Euromillions lottery.


  • providing betting services for 50 years
  • offers 11 lotteries betting
  • user-friendly platform for 49s players
  • it has a well-designed website and app for android and IOS users
  • provide live support
  • you can check lunchtime and teatime results
  • offer welcome bonus


  • don’t deal in Euromillion lottery

Bet365 Review

If you want to join Bet 365 bookmaker especially for UK 49s, then take a look on our Bet365 review to know more about its excellent betting services and interactive features.

Bet365 is another best bookmaker in the world that you can join if you are not interested in Betfred. It is providing its services to more than 10 million customers in the UK and other countries.

Bet 365 is the best bookmaker platform with lots of amazing features and that is the reason that this betting platform is growing day not only in the UK but also all over the world.

This global betting platform offer verities of lotteries including 49s betting. You can bet on bet365 on its official website and android and IOS apps. Bet 365 also offers a large variety of special markets like Odd/Even, 1st Number Drawn and Total Value.

Overall, if you want to bet on 49s bet365 is the best option for you because of its excellent service but there is one drawback of this platform don’t have the 49’s results and they don’t have any offers available to lottery bettors and don’t offer welcome bonus like other standard bookmakers.


  • provide betting odds on 49’s lotto
  • Excellent odds for all other lottos
  • user-friendly platform for betting experience
  • Wide range of lotto specials available
  • Decent range of lotto available


  • don’t offer a welcome bonus like Betfred


Welcome to the Boyle Sports review, in this page, we have briefly described Boyle Sports betting services and excellent features that attract users towards this bookmaker.

Boyle Sports is an Irish 49s bookmaker, was established in 1983 in Northern Ireland. This bookmaker has Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. It has 200 bookmaker shops in Ireland but because of its excellent features and services, now it is growing also in the UK and other countries day by day.

Boyle sports have lots of interesting features that are enough to attract users to this betting platform. You can bet with Boyle sports for feature 49s draws up to two draws. You can easily place multiple/exotic bets such as Yankees, Canadians, and Trebles.

When it comes to the 49s it is the best option for 49s odds bettors with few extra features that can enhance your gaming performance as compare to Betfred.  Another amazing feature of Boyle sports for 49s be,t that it also offer welcome bonus new customer of 49s lotto(check all detail of welcome bonus below in the tables).

Boyal sports have a user-friendly procedure for 49s lotto betting players. It offers verities of payment methods to customers and betting shops are easily available anywhere in the UK. However, if you are looking for best 49s odds website with android and IOS app then Boyle sport is not for you.


  • Offer lots of amazing feature to the costumers
  • the best online betting platform
  • more than 2000 bookmaker shops
  • wide Variety of betting
  • you can best on 49s advance


  • have no app for android and IOS

Coral 49s Lotto Review

Choosing the best 49s bookmaker means read reviews and check all important features, in Coral 49s Review we have tried to brief all the important features of this booker that are necessary to know for any customer.

If you are looking for a flexible UK 49s betting then coral bookmaker is the best option for you, which you can join. Coral covers a large variety of lotto betting including 49s lotto not only in the United Kingdom but also in other parts of the world. Another reason for the popularity of the Coral 49s lotto is that Coral is providing betting services for 90 years.

Coral offers a well-designed online service in form of the coral website and easy to use android and ios app. it also offers you nonsports betting like (casino, slots, virtual sports). This flexible betting bookmaker also accepts currencies like (especially EUR and USD) besides the British Pound.

This betting bookmaker platform provides you decent odds on the UK49s lotto. Coral also offers a welcome bonus to their qualifying customers as Betfred. For more detail of the 49s welcome bonus, you can check the tables.

Overall, it provides you the best odds on 49s lotto and numbers of sports and betting selections, But this betting platform has too many restrictions like There’s no option for betting on future draws and no specials or exotic markets to bet on.


  • Equal best odds on 49’s lotto
  • Welcome bonus to qualified customers
  • provide good customer support online
  • user-friendly website and apps for android and IOS
  • covers verities of betting in lottery


  • no option for feature 49s draw
  • no specials or exotic markets to bet on

Ladbrokes Bookmaker 49s lotto review

Welcome to the Ladbrokes review. If you are looking for the world’s best betting site, Ladbrokes is the best option for you. Ladbroke is one of the betting providers when it comes to the 49s bookmakers. This bookmaker platform is providing lotto betting services since 1886 and start an online betting service first time in 1999.

Ladbroke is not only famous in betting the United Kingdom but also in other European countries. . They are also licensed in Gibraltar and of course in the UK.  Ladbrokes have nearly 4300 betting shops in European countries.

This best betting bookmaker covers large verities of betting including 49s lotto betting. Another amazing feature for 49s lotto player is that Ladbroke also offers the option to save you numb for feature use. It is also an easy way to exotic bets like Yankees, Canadians, and Trebles.

Overall, Ladbroke is the best platform for betting lotto and has good customer reviews, but unfortunately, Ladbrokes has no app for android and IOS and doesn’t offer a welcome bonus like Betfred and not best odds for best 49s lotto.


  • Fast payments
  • betting exchange feature
  • Large range of international lotteries to bet on
  • thousand of betting shops available
  • oldest betting platform
  • good costumer reviews
  • good customer support


  • don’t best odds for 49s lotto like Betfred
  • no app like Bet 365


Choosing the right bookmaker for finding the best 49s odds is a tricky job, especially for newcomers. But we have made it very easy for you. We are going to offer you a William Hill review

William Hill is most recognized and respected in the industry of betting odds. It was established in 1934 and has thousands of betting places in the UK and other European countries. William Hill was started first time online betting in 1888.

If you are looking for the lowest price rat bookmaker for the 49s lotto, then William Hill is the best option for you. It covers large verities of betting and international lotteries. This best bookmaker also accepts verities of payment methods.

Another amazing feature of this British favorite bookmaker is that you can bet 49s up to 8 feature draw like Betfred and other best 49s bookmakers. It has a user-friendly procedure for playing the lotto and provides you good customer support. You can also join on android and IOS devices.

Overall, William is the best bookmaker not only for 49s lotto but also have lots of other betting variety and products lowest rate but don’t offer a welcome bonus and don’t provide best odds for 49s lotto.


  • Best 49s bookmaker with the lowest rate
  • covers verities of betting and products
  • easy to use apps
  • thousands of bookmaker shops
  • user-friendly procedure


  • don’t provide the best odds for 49s lotto
  • no welcome bonus

Paddy Power Review

Welcome to paddy power review, now we are going to talk about Paddy Power. If you are looking for any trusted bookmaker for 49s then Paddy Power is also the best option that you can use for betting online. Paddy Power is also attracting lots of customer towards it because of its good services and interactive features for betting players.

Paddy Power has a user-friendly interface website and easy-to-use apps for android and ions. This betting company provides you good customer support and covers verities of betting in the UK. The company accepts varies payment methods and has no hard and fast restriction f or lotto players.

overall,  it is the best 49s lotto betting bookmaker that you can join but there are few drawbacks that it doesn’t provide the best 49s odds and have not verities of lotteries as compare to Ladbrokes and, William Hill and Betfred.


  • trusted 49s bookmaker
  • growing day by day
  • offers 49s betting
  • user-friendly website
  • app for android and ios
  • provide good customer support


  • no welcome bonus like Betfred
  • poor odds for the UK49s lotto

At that time number of bookmakers are providing 49s odds that you can join. But we highly recommend Betfred Bookmaker because of its excellent services and attractive features. Betfred provides you best 49s odds, a user-friendly website an easy-to-use app, a welcome bonus, and also covers verities of lotteries.

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