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How to bet on 49s lotto?

How to Play – 49’s

The Definitive Guide

This is a complete guide to Play & Win 49s 2020.In this new guide you’ll learn:
  • What is UK 49s Lottery?
  • How to play
  • When draw Result out?
  • Where you can join 49s lotto
  • Select your own numbers
  • How much amount choose for betting
  • Check UK49s results


Chapter 1
What is UK 49s Lottery?
Chapter 2

What is UK 49s Lottery?

49s lotto is a flexible lotto that has no hard and fast rules to play and totally different from other lotteries. There is no fixed amount of betting to play, you can bet as your pocket money allows you. As it is the amount of wine also depends on your investment much you invest as much you can earn.

How to bet on the 49s lotto?

Number: #1 How to play UK49s lotto?Number: #2 When 49s is drawn?Number: #3 Where you can join 49s lotto(1) Join best 49s bookmaker (2) Register to play 49s lottoNumber: #4 Select your own numbers(1) How many numbers select in UK49s (2) 49s calculator (3) Bonus ball (4) Choose multiple linesNumber: #5 Choose the amount of bettingNumber: #6 Wait for UK49s results 

How to play UK49s lotto?

Following are simple steps to play 49s
  • there are 1 to 49 digits from where you have to choose five main numbers
  • One booster ball from 1 to 5 digits (bonus ball increase your chances of winning as a bonus number)
  • you can choose the number manually and also can use the 49s calculator

When 49s is drawn?

49s betting results are drawn twice every day; lunchtime is the first draw of the day. Lunchtime is drawn at 12:49 pm (UK/Irish Time). UK49s teatime is the second draw of the day, Teatime results are drawn at 17:49 pm 16:49 in winter every day.

Where you can join the 49s lotto

There are different bookmakers in the UK and other European countries that are offering 49s betting services, you can find out easily bookmaker shops anywhere. You can play online if you are from another county. You can check the best 49s bookmaker reviews that are providing the best odds and betting services on this website.

Join best 49s bookmaker

Select the best bookmakers that are providing the best 49s odds and betting services like Betfred, Coral, and Ladbrokes. Choose the best bookmakers that are providing welcome bonus and other attractive features to the new customer. You can read the best bookmaker review before choosing the best bookmaker.

Register to play the 49s lotto

When you have decided to join any online bookmaker, take these simple steps are as follows
    • go the website link
    • register here
  • Deposit £/€5 or more
  • receive a welcome bonus if there offered
  • read rules and regulations

Select your own numbers

You may select your own numbers to play the 49s lotto, you also can use the 49s calculator to make a 49s odds comparison

How many numbers select in UK49s

There are numbers from 1 to 49 from where you choose your numbers. You can select five main numbers from here. As more number you choose as much you earn

49s calculator

You can use the 49s calculator to make the best 49s comparison of odds. The 49s calculator is very easy to use. Just take a few simple steps to operate this calculator
  • enter your amount
  • choose number
  • click compare button

Bonus ball

Select the bonus ball with the main number. Bonus ball provides you an extra chance of winning the lotto for instanceIf you have select three numbers and bet on these main numbers you have to match 3 numbers from 6 drawn numbers.On the other hand, if you have chosen 3 numbers from the main number and one bonus ball. You have to match 3 numbers from 7 drawn numbers. In this way, you can increase your chance of winning.

Choose multiple lines

If you want to play twice or more then bet on different numbers. Choose multiple lines to increase your chance of winning.Choose your favorite numbers from the different bookmakerAlso, check hot and cold ball numbers from our website. Hottest are most drawn number and coldest are least drawn the number of the past years.

Choose the amount of betting

It is very important for any player that how much invest in UK 49s lotto. There is no fixed amount of betting and not fix prize jackpot.  As much you will invest as big your winning price will be.

Choose draw you want to bet on

Decide how many draws you want to play and what draw you want to play at teatime and lunchtime both draws have the same procedure of playing and the same amount of wine. You can also play for 7 days draws in advance with Betfred.

Wait for UK49s results

After taking all the above necessary steps start dreaming and wait for 49s results. You can check lunchtime and teatime results on our website at the exact time when lotto results are confirmed.That’s all about how to bet on the 49s lotto that we have described in this informational post. If you have other any questions you ask from us through the commenting system our expert team will reply to you soon. Thanks.